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selling farm account in last shelter survival game


Is selling farm account in last shelter survival game halal ?
There is android game called last shelter survival . The main theme of the game is to build a state and compete with other state . In a state there will be hundreds of bases each base is a player . The player build a base which consists of soldiers and buildings .
We compete with other states every week. We compete in 6 different ways .Monday-gathering resources.Tue-building.Wed-research . Thur-hero . Fri-training and Sat&Sun-war( attacking bases. can attack or shield) in all this the state which make more point wins. Players can chat.This are the main events.
I think haram in it are :
1. small amount bg music (can on or off)
2.option to purchase game products ( resources etc..) . In that there is a pack called hero recruitment tickets ( hero – the leader of soldiers) the ticket can give you anything related to hero(powerful hero or hero related things. It is random . ( Many of the players doesn’t buy any packs)
3. There is a side event . In which the player with strong soldier formation wins. In that there is option to bet. Player who like to bet can bet with diamonds ( which is easily got from completing tasks or wining events also can be purchased but most of the player doesn’t purchase it because it is easily available) . If the player they bet win they get extra diamonds which can only be used in the game .Player who like to bet can bet.
4. Some not fully picture of hero’s we see them very less time
Now coming to what I do . In order to upgrade building or Train troops the players need resources ( resources are food,iron etc..) this are made in the base itself in small amount .other way to get resources is to attack other bases. But attacking other player bases in the state slows down the development of the state . So players build extra base which is build for producing resources . than the player attack this base and take resources. This bases are called farm accounts . I build such account and sells to the player who need it . it help the player to get resources easily. I doesn’t engage in any of haram activity. Farms are usually only used to get resources and I also ask my customer not to participate in the betting with the account I gave them . Is this selling halal ?
I think those who need to play the game in halal way they can do that.


Salaamun alaykum.
Thank you for your question.
From what you have explained about what you do, there doesn’t seem to be any problem because there isn’t any haraam activity involved. There would be an issue if the game producers do not allow such selling, if it is done without their consent, then it is haraam.

Zahra Davdani