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Recovering Financial Loss


Assalam o alaikum I run an Interior company and I did a job for one of my clients against a agreed value. The work is being completed and around 80% payment payment is also being done. I am following up for the balance payment for the past many years but all in vain. On top of that the client is also not in the country for 1year and is not intending to pay us as well. They have not paid to many other people like us. Recently I came to know that one of their asset(car) is left behind and they have actually thrown it. I some how managed to get the keys from their office. They are not going to reuse it. Now my question is can I sell that car to recover the loss? Please advise.


Alaykum Salaam

You can bring it up with the debtor that you would like to sell this apparently discarded car to recover your debt.

However, you cannot sell it without the permission of the owner.

Kind regards

Abbas Jaffer