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Self excitement or masturbation permissible as parents are not marring their daughter


Well only rubbing for girls is halal or haram in Islam for self-satisfaction. As parents are not marring their daughter. How can she fulfil her sexual needs?


Alaikum salam Wa Rahmatullah.

Self excitement or masturbation creates a wrong system of action in the orbit of sexual behavior. It leaves many physical, spiritual and psychological side effects in a person and will make it a problem for a person to consummate their marriage too.
It is due to all this that Islam has made it unlawful to engage in such an act.
There are many ways one can refrain from this act eg. Avoiding to look at pictures or scenes that cause such behaviour, avoiding solitude specially when such thoughts are aroused, reading the Holy Quran to seek protection, asking forgiveness from Allah as much as possible, and ofcourse getting married to a faithful man.
In addition to this, try to consume foods that have dont have a hot effect on your body.
Try finding a way to talk to an elder that you need to get married soon and want to refrain from any kind of unlawful thought. You dont have to talk about your sins to anyone ofcourse.
Your parents who love and understand you most would realize that and do something about it.
In the meantime, take this as a test from Allah and refrain from commiting the sin just as we do when we control ourselves from other sins like theft. With time and effort, it will become easy for you inshAllah. Remember that Allah has made some actions forbidden because He knows that we DO have the capacity to refrain from.them.
If you learn how to build the self control of your nafs, then you will end up with a strong will power that will go a long way in your success regarding this world and the hereafter inshAllah.

Salma Aalvi.