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Seeking cure for facial paralysis.



I got facial paralysis when I was young. I was cured by being coltarsed (being burned) four times on the side of my mouth; two on top of my mouth and two on the bottom of my mouth, by ALLAH’s will. I wanted to know if I can remove these four burned marks that I have on the sides of my mouth, wether it might be Lazer treatment, undergoing surgery, going to skin doctors, applying gel or/and creams, or seeking other ways as long as it doesn’t go against Islam? And in general can we seek cure from facial paralysis, whether it might be being coltarsed (being burned), undergoing surgery, going to the skin doctors, going to a physical therapist, and any other treatment or cure to get the face back to normal?


Waalaykum Salaam,

Please refer to the following link:

Surgery to heal burn marks

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