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I am desperately seeking some good mature advice on this issue of mine but I would like this question to remain confidential.

I have done some really bad things and practices I shouldn’t have done a few times over until it hit me bad and I am trying to seek forgiveness of Allah SWT.

How do I know I am forgiven?? And once im forgiven is it possible the past record of mine would be erased? Hint: pictures and evidences.

Please help. I am really guilty of what I did. Your advice would be highly appreciated.

Thank you


Wa alaykum salaam.

QURAN 4:110
Thank you for your question and for putting faith in us to help you with your problem.

Our beloved prophet (SAW)  is reported to have said: the best of sinners are those who turn (to Allah) in repentance.

Rest assured that there is always hope for believers to be forgiven as long as they admit their past sins and promise to never repeat them again.
So do not be distressed.

You must sincerely promise Allah that you will not repeat what you have done and then do your utmost to fulfill that promise. Ask Allah to guide you and to keep you strong in front of the evil suggestions of Shaitan .
You must establish regular Prayers if you have not already done so and try to do as many good deeds as you can to keep from falling into sin again.

If you are sincere in your repentance, Allah will forgive all of your past sins and may even turn them into good deeds by His infinite mercy (Quran 66:8). Allah has told us in the Quran that He forgives all sins, no matter how serious, except when a person dies believing Allah has a partner in His majesty. ( Quran 4:48, 39:53)


The Sign is that you will never commit that sin again. And whenever you think back to that sin again, you feel extreme guilt and regret and you start to ask for forgiveness again.

I hope that this has helped you with your situation and I ask Allah the
Exalted to purify our hearts from sin and to grant us His mercy.

With regard,
Nuru mohammed