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Seeking forgiveness for my deceased father.


My father passed away 5 years ago. In his life he committed a sin that I fear, if that sin could be an obstacle in his forgiveness. So I wish to sort it out. My father made a biased business deal bringing financial loss to his son in law ( My elder sister’s husband) and gave its unjustified benefit to his son (my brother). My sister and her husband were totaly unaware of that fraud. Now after 10 years of that incident and 5 years of my fathers death, I told this secret to My Sister and requested her to forgive her father. Now she is double minded that either she should tell this to her husband or not.. because it was her husband’s money and not her’s. If her husband forgive her father only then this burden can be lift from his grave otherwise not. But on the other hand, it may affect her relationship with her husband and he may cut ties with my sister’s family. My deceased father may lose all the respect and family might be shattered into pieces.. Now I want to ask whether My sister should tell this to her Husband or not? I have learned that if we hide truth for the sake of peace, it is permmisible? Please help me.


Salamun Alaykum

Thank you for your query. Glad to see that you want the forgiveness of your father for one of his actions you know where he made a biased business dealing.

Since I don’t know the exact case, I will try to figure out the main ruling by which you can move accordingly, otherwise, you can mention the exact situation to figure out. If there is no problem and doesn’t create a problem in telling your brother-in-law, then one can tell and pay back his loss. But if you fear there will be mishaps then don’t tell him rather try to compensate and pay back the amount that you think he has lost in that dealing and whenever possible, you can ask him to forgive your father in a polite way so the deceased soul can rest in peace from this particular deed. You must be careful in the latter situation where you can’t tell your brother-in-law, but on the other hand, asking for forgiveness for your father is also necessary.

May Allah(swt) grant you success


Syed Haider