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Seegha Issuance


Aoa i belong to Bhakkar city of Pakistan my issue is that i have taken khula from my cousin in court but he is not willing for seegha issue and he is demanding money which he has given me when our nikah was formed he used to send me money randomly on different occasions like eid birthdays etc he lived in dubai now back to Pakistan. He is refusing for seegha as hr is demanding his money which he himself given me by his consent what should i do? My nikah was on 2011 and consummation not formed yet due to many reasons i went for khula but i cant remarry before seegha issuance. He is not issuing seegha and asking for money what should i do? My father cnt afford that and why should we give him money as it was not a loan or anything then is it his right to do such false things with us? We have consult a Molana here who is in relative with my cousin so he is no actively supportung us please please guide me what should we do?


waalaykum Salam

In order for a woman to get Khula, it is ncessary that she should either surrender her dowry or give him some of her property in order for him to give her divorce. According to shariah a man gives Khula in lieu of what he gets from his wife.

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