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secret nikah without wali for female allowed


My friend did a secret nikah with a married man without her wali or any family members knowledge.his wife doesnt know either.he doesnt support her financially and he meets her after long period of the girls brother dont want her in that nikah because if it is disclosed will hurt the mother and disgrace the whole family.please guide in light of quran and hadith


Salam Alaykum

Please see the following rulings:

Ruling 2395. If a girl wishes to get married and she has reached the age of legal responsibility (bulūgh) and is mature (rashīdah) – meaning that she is able to determine what is in her interest – and she is a virgin, and she is not in charge of her life’s affairs, such a girl must obtain the consent of her father or grandfather. In fact, based on obligatory precaution, even if she in charge of her life’s affairs, she must still obtain their consent. The consent of her mother or brother is not necessary. See also ruling 2396 which may be relevant.

Conditions of a marriage contract

There is no difference on the type of marriage contract (temporary or permanent).

See also Brothers Permission for Marriage

Hope that helps.

Syed Samer Hakim