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Second marriage with my cousin


i am married man and i have 2 kids, but now i want to marry with cousin, she got divorced and she have one daughter and she lived in europe. we liked each other before her first marriage but due to some circumstances we did not married. now she is willing to marry with me but she think that if she marry with me then my family will be disturb and dis-heart my wife. i am convincing her that i will manage both families and give equally rights. so kindly give some guidelines.?


Salaamun alaykum

Thank you for your email.

So one important thing to think about before taking any step is if you marry your cousin, how will your second marriage affect your wife and kids?
And the best person to judge and decide is yourself, if you think there will be a slight probability of your first marriage to break, it would be best not to opt for the second marriage. You have to take your wife and children’s emotions into consideration before taking any step so you are not answerable in the hereafter.

Z. Davdani.