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Second marriage to support non muslim girl


I had supported a non Muslim girl to convert to islam. I also did temporary marraige to become mehram to her to support her. She was a divorcee. I am already married to another girl but I am helping this revert in her life matters. Recently she lost her father who was non muslims so I went there to console her and her non Muslim mother n sister. My wife and my parents are making objection in my help to her as they think that since her non Muslim father died she will make a permanent marriage with me and I am also willing as she has no relative no support apart from me. Please guide me is my intention to support her in this cause and not justified? And objection of my family members correct?


Waalykum salam.

Thank you for your Question

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Also, I feel you are the best judge for your actions and plans. If you are only marrying to support her, then you were and are already doing it without permanent marriage.
Then the reason seems to be beyond that.

In short, second marriage can have many reasons, but you should also see if you ‘should’ Really do it, especially considering everyone else around you and the impact it’s going to have on them.

Good luck.

Najiya Jaffery.