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saw Homosexuality scene in society park


Today I saw a zina between two men outside my home in our society park what should I do about this now ? I am so upset the crowd gathered there and they ran from there I wanted to call police please help me in this regard


Wa alaykum salaam

I am so sorry that you had to see such a horrible and obscene scene .
In this era we are living in, we might be forced to see and tolerate hundreds of such things which are not pleasant for us.

The first thing that a Muslim should do in this case is to show his hatred towards such acts.
Secondly, if possible try and stop it from happening again . In your case you can complain to the respected authorities,they might be able to help.
Thirdly,he should not forget to do dua. Dua for himself,for others and most important for the reappearance of our 12th Imam a.j.

InshaAllah by his reappearance we will be able to see a world full of peace and justice.

Sukaina Taqawi.