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We save money from our pay, we spend it for bussiness purposes,do we need to pay zakat or khums on that?


a.o.a I want to ask that 1. I have gold approx 10-12 tola which I received as dowry from my parents and inlaws as well. Do I need to pay zakat on that?? or khums??

2. My husband and me, both are working people, and the money we save from our pay, we spend it for bussiness purposes,do we need to pay zakat or khums on that?? my husband salary is around 3 lac 50 thousand and mine around 55,000. but we never have any money saved for a year,as it is always in circulation of some business or we help out relatives by lending them money if they require…



Salaamun alaykum
Thank you for your email

1- question: Is it obligatory for a woman to pay Khums on the cash amount that she receives from her husband as Mahr (dowry)?
Answer: It is not obligatory.

2-question: Is Khums payable on the money which I have lent to my friend?
Answer: If a year has passed over it, Khums should be paid from it, when its possible and able to obtain the money.

Ruling 1769. Whenever a person acquires property by means of trade, industry, or any other form of earning – even if, for example, he performs the prayers (ṣalāh) and keeps the fasts (ṣawm) of a deceased person, and with the wages he receives from that he acquires some property – then, in the event that it exceeds his and his family’s annual living expenses, he must pay khums – i.e. one-fifth

Ruling 1792. The amount a person spends from his profit during the year on food, clothing, furniture, the purchase of a house, the wedding of his son, the trousseau of his daughter, ziyārah,(7) and suchlike, is not liable for khums provided that the amount spent is not beyond his status.

So whatever amount is left after your annual expenses, and before you put it into another business or help someone, khums should be paid on that amount