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When Should one send salawat on the prophet (pbuh)


Assalamoe alaikoem,

When one is in sujood during prayer and makes a dua, should one send salawat on the prophet (pbuh)?
Since the etiquette is to praise Allah, send salutations to the prophet (pbuh), and then ask for what one wants.
You are sending salutations after tashahud, but should you then do it in every sajda where one makes a dua?
My second question is if it is permissible to send salutations to the prophet (pbuh) outside dua and salat?

Walaikoem salaam


Salaamun alaykum

It is highly recommended to recite salawaat on the Holy Prophet (saw) and his family at all time, and it is mustahab to recite salawaat in ruku and sajdah.
It is mentioned in the ahadith, that salawat is a dua that is always accepted so when we want to ask for something we should recite salwaat before and after our dua.
There are many benefits of reciting salawaat as well that are mentioned in the link below:

Salawat the Key to solving problems

Zahra Davdani.