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Salary vs Work I do


Dear Ask Alim,

Few years ago I joined a Company, during an interview they asked me are you qualified which I was not at that point in time and due to risk of being rejected I said, yes I am. Company did not perform background check and I got offer and I started working. I got good feedback during my work and always appreciated by Executives. Meanwhile, I was preparing for exam to complete studies – however my management believe I have completed studies. Recently company promoted me as well on the basis of my work, performance and underline meeting of studies criteria. I always deliver tasks on time and perform with utmost quality even similar quality as expected from someone who is fully qualified. I am trying to complete my studies and which is still in progress, my education do not affect my performance.

My question is, getting salary against my work performed is legitimate/ Halal for me or I should resign and find something else. Please note, before advise – my work performance is even better than few qualified people but yes I agree I am not yet fully qualified and I lied. My few exams left, 60% exams already passed.

Considering all factors above, my earning is halal for me or not.


Salam Alikum

Thank you for your Question.

Kindly refer to the following link for your Answer

False Degree Certificate

Najiya Jaffery.