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Salah while Travelling


Salamu allykum,

I have a question regarding travelling and salah.

For my work I sometimes have to travel to other (far) cities. Each day in a different city. Sometimes it’s less than 10 days a month other times its more than 10 days and I don’t know before hand (at the start of the month) how many days a month I’ll be working outside the city I live in. I always return back home from work to sleep.

My question is how should I read my salah, full or qasr?

Jazak Allah


Wa Alaykumussalam

Thank you for your question

According to Ayatullah al-Udhma Sayyid Ali Sistany:

Question: Who is a Kasir al-Safar (frequent traveler)?

Answer: One who travels for ten days in a month and sixty days in six months, he is considered a frequent traveler. Therefore, he should offer complete prayers and observe fast.

Question: When should one say his salat full (tamam) and when should one say it qasr (two rakat instead of four)? Is the general perception about a person being resident of a city sufficient for him to say his salat fully [in that city]?

Answer: he conditions for qasr in travelling have been mentioned in the Manual of Islamic Laws. When a person considers residing in a city for a long time, and in the general perception it is considered as such, he is not considered as a traveller (e.g., if he intends to reside in that city for year and a half, it will be considered as his home-town after one month). But if he intends to stay in that city for a short while only and is considered, in the general sense, as a visitor, he should pray qasr.

May Allah(swt) grant you success


Syed Haider