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2) If I join the Imam for salaah after the second rakaat, third/fourth rakaah (during tasbeehate arbaa), it will be my first rakaah and I begin to recite my surahs but the imam moves onto ruku not leaving me enough time to complete my surahs. What do I have to do?


As per Ayatullah Sistani’s fatwa: One needs to follow Imam although he has not completed the Surat al Hamd. However, it is ahtiyat e Mustahhab (recommended precaution) to change the salat to furada (non congregational). Well, based on ahtiyat e wajib (obligatory precaution) it is not allowed to join the congregational salat when one knows that he would not be able to complete the surah before Imam’s ruku. He should then join the Imam straight in the ruku.

Kumail Rajani