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Salaah of Sunni Brothers


salaamun alaykum

What is our duty to our sunni brothers who do not perform their prayers according to Shia fiqh, when we know it highly is unlikely that they will do it according to the correct fiqh if we tell them they’re doing their salaat wrong?


 Wa alaykum salam warahmtaullah.

 Our respected maraji, including Ayatullah Al Udhama Seyyid Ali Seestani, have always advised us about interacting with sunni brethren on basis of
 love and respect. Consequently our duty is to respect the sunni brother performing the prayers as per the interpretation of their scholars /Imam of
 their fiqh. In these moments when the muslim ummah is facing severe challenges it behoves us to strengthen the bonds of love and friendship by
 focusing on our common points such as the Qur'an, the Messenger SAWW, the Qibla  and other themes. It is through strengthening this relationship that
 the rationale for the various differences in fiqh can be discussed and mutually appreciated without offending each other.

 With salams and duas,

Fazle Abbas Datoo