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Salaah Attendance


My uncle has made a group including all family members. All group members are mature and know all about tue salah. He wants everone to mark their daily salat attendance in the group. I think its show off and only Allah is the one to whom we shall make our prayers attendance. Please help ne on this.


Assalamu Alaykum

You aren’t obliged to mark the daily salah attendance. But if in anyways it may mean that you are disrespecting him then you might as well, it maybe that you are also encouraging other cousins and family members to keep up with it. Since its a wajibat, I don’t think it’s a show off really, it’s like marking if you have eaten all your three meals a day or not. (Ofcourse I’m not undermining the lofty position of Salah, just trying to explain that marking it will not look like a show off because you are ‘obliged’to do it) but if it was other recommended act, say Salat
al-layl (I.e. Mustahab) thats a different story.

Good luck,