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Rulings on taking females as prisoners of war and then as slaves and having intimate relationship without concent


Assalamualaikum Brother/Sister my question is Why was it allowed to take females as prisoners of war? Was it allowed to take someone else’s wife(a prisoner of war) as a slave and have intemate relationship with her without her( isn’t it rape) or her husband’s consent? And is it still allowed to do with female prisoners of war even today? And that what ISIS is doing by kidnapping non muslim girls and raping them is it allowed? I’m very sorry if I said something wrong may Allah forgive me.


بسم تعالی

الهم صل الله محمد و آله

Salamu Alaykum

Insha allah I hope this correspondence finds you well

The issue of prisoners of war (POW) is not an easy matter to discuss via an email. But for the sake of brevity. The rule will only apply under the guidance of a rightful just Leader i.e. Holy Prophet (sawa) or an Imam (as). So, with this condition, today such an issue does not exist. Hence what ISIS is doing is completely Haram and forbidden.

Insha Allah I hope this helps

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Was salams
Yassar Ebrahim.