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Keeping a dog in the house?!


Asalamu Alaykum.

I would appreciate if you could give me some advice regarding the following matter.

I accepted Islam Alhamdulilah a few years ago and before this when I was younger I really wanted to get a dog, so before I was Muslim. My parents were very hesitant but I was begging them so now we have a dog in the house. I love my dog but now I am Muslim I can see how unclean and impure it is keep a dog at home. Also the prophet AS said that the deeds will be reduced every day if you keep a dog in the house. The problem is now my father really loves the dog and I’m sure he would never let us give the dog to another nice family.

To conclude, due to me getting a dog when I was a non-Muslim and not having knowledge, and now my father won’t let us give him to somebody else, therefore I have no choice in the matter so am I still going to get the sins for it?

JazakAllah Khair



Wa alaykum Salam,

As for the issue presented there are a few points to be addressed:

Firstly, it is true that in Islam it is detested (makruh) to have a dog at home, whereby Sayyed Sistani explains that the wisdom behind this is that its presence leads to everything that comes into contact with it becoming impure, if there is wetness.

Although, you should rest assured that having a dog at home is only makruh (detested) when it is based on your free will and you have control over whether it remains in your home or not. Otherwise, this karahat does not apply to you. But you should be cautious about any impurity it spreads in the house.

Secondly, concerning explaining the matter to your non-Muslim father, you can respectfully and lovingly inform him of its uncleanliness, the germs spread by its presence in the house, and the impurity which it leads to, which causes you inconvenience with regard to your praying area, clothes and the house in general, requesting him to give it to another family.

Although, should your father not accept this, then you should request him to either keep the dog outside in garden (if there is one), or to at least restrict its movement around the house, and keep it out of your room and praying area.

Finally, it is important to re-emphasize that in such situations which are out of your control, you are not considered to be sinning – because to have a dog in the house is not haram – nor will you be deprived of Allah SWT’s blessings, for He is Oft-Forgiving and Oft-Merciful.

Afzal Merali