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Jabira Ghusl


I went through a surgery last week i have stitches and have got clear tape on parts of my body how can i do ghusl, i cannot peel tape or parts of tape. Please advise. Thanks.


The splint with which a wound or a fractured bone is bandaged or held tight and the medication applied to a wound etc. is called jabira.

344. If something is stuck on the part of Wudhu or Ghusl, and it is not possible to remove it, or its removal involves unbearable pain, then one should perform tayammum.

345. In all kinds of Ghusls, except the Ghusl of Mayyit, the jabira Ghusl is like jabira Wudhu. However, in such cases one should resort to Ghusl-e-tartibi. If there is a wound, or a sore on the body, then a person has a choice between Ghusl and tayammum. If he decides to do Ghusl, and if there is no jabira on the place, the recommended precaution is that he should place a Pak piece of cloth on the unbandaged wound, or sore, and wipe over that cloth. However, if there is fractured bone in the body, he should do Ghusl and should, as a precautionary measure, also perform wiping on the jabira. And if it is not possible to wipe on the jabira, or if the fractured bone is not in splint, it is necessary for him to perform tayammum. (Ayatullah Sistani)

Laila Habib