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rules regarding nifas


Asalam’u’aleikum, I have a question regarding the nifaas in Islam. My mother and mother in law agrees upon the fact that during the nifaas, even though the bleeding has stopped, I am still not “pure” for those 40 days, even though the postnatal bleeding stops quite earlier. As in, I can’t perform salaah or read the Quran. I don’t really agree with them, for me, it seems illogical. How can I deprive myself from reading the Quran or performing the Salaah?


Waalaykum Salam.

Nifas is the initial bleeding that a woman sees immediately after giving birth up to maximum 10 days.
Pls visit the link below for further explanation and rulling: Kinds of blood seen by women

After that she is in “Istehadha”
Pls visit the link below for further explanation: Irregular blood discharge (istiḥāḍah)
You can’t say your Salah during Nifas but you must say them during Istehadha.

You can certainly read Quran in both the states, just make sure you have Wudhoo and are not touching the writing while doing so.

Kind regards