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Roles and Responsibilities in a Marriage


1. What are the major Responsibilities of a husband and wife? 2. If a wife refuses to give her salary to husband is it a sin? 3. How to overcome the problem if consistently husband promises to pay his dependents expenses but does it insufficiently according to his income? 4. Are parents and siblings dependents of a man that he should ask wife to earn to survive with him but facilitate his parents and siblings everyhow?


Alaykum Salaam

These are general questions for which the relevant books can be read for more details.

As an example, I will direct you to Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi’s work at the link below:

Marriage and Morals in Islam

The property and earnings of the wife are her own and the husband cannot demand a share of it or force her to go to work.

However, the wife may choose to share her wealth and add to the household income out of her own free will in order to lighten the burden on the husband or to achieve a better standard of living.

Kind regards

Abbas Jaffer