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Ritually Pure or Impure?


assalamualaikum . I m living in the house for 11 years I have 3 kids they pee on the carpet now they are big but they were small I used to clean the carpet by wiping it with wet cloth three times but I didn’t knew that I have to clean the carpet by pouring water on it to make it tahir. Now I found out . I have stairs too and one of boy peed on the stairs and wiped the all stair three times with wet cloth . Do I have to clean everything again and now I think everything is najis . Please it is very hard with three kids and my husband with not agrees with me . Now I think my prayers with not be accepted because. I m praying on najis carpet. After wiping the najis area on carpet with wet cloth 3 times We also used the carpet cleaning machine which uses water to clean the carpet once to clean the carpet that’s made the whole carpet najis please help it is troubling me lot . Now I think everything is najis . Please reply .follow Ayatollah sistani said if you clean it properly or not consider it Pak .


In the Name of the Beloved

Salamun Alaykum

Wherever she is sure that the najasat was there: the areas where there was Aine Najasat i.e. the urine etc needs to be purified by pouring water over it either through a pipe or something else connected to kurr and also rub over it with a cloth to make sure the Aine Najasat was removed.

As for the other areas of she is sure the najasat has spread she needs to pour or spray water attached to kurr but doesn’t need to wipe it as the Aine Najasat itself was not in those areas.

As for the areas that she has doubt whether it has spread or not – those are pak.

Basically what she did to purify it before did not make these areas pak and are najis.