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Rights of Wife as husband dont provide any expns


I want to know my rights in Islam I am married for 18 years my husband does not love or care for me. He does not provide food and any cost towards me and our 3 children. He has refused to pay any charity on my behalf and not giving his time to children take us for granted. I have reported the domestic abuse please can you guide me. He has moved out of the property it is only me and children living together in my house. I want to be happy not live in fear especially my husband forced me to do things that I don’t want to.


Salaamun alaykum

Thank you for your question. Please find below some of the laws of marriage in accordance with the rulings of Ayatullah Sistani. For further guidance please consult Islamic Laws published by the World Federation, translated by Shaykh Muhammad Ali Ismail, (Chapter 27: Marriage) under the section: LAWS OF PERMANENT MARRIAGE. I have included here the laws that are most relevant according to what you have mentioned.
Ruling 2430. It is unlawful for a woman in a permanent marriage to leave the house without the permission of her husband even if
this does not infringe on his rights, except in the following cases:
[i] a necessity requires her to;
[ii] staying in the house causes her
hardship (ḥaraj);
[iii] the house is not appropriate for her. Also,
she must submit to giving her husband sexual pleasure, which is his right, whenever he wishes. She must also not prevent him from
having sexual intercourse with her without a legitimate excuse (ʿudhr).
It is obligatory on a husband to provide his wife with food, clothing, housing, and other things that she needs. If he does not provide these for her, irrespective of whether he is able to or not,
he will be indebted to her. Furthermore, one of the rights of a wife is that her husband must not subject her to harassment or abuse, and he must not treat her in a harsh or rough manner without a legitimate reason.
Ruling 2431. If a woman does not perform any of her marital duties with regard to her husband, she has no right over him for food, clothing, and housing, even if she continues to live with
him. And if she sometimes refuses to submit to her husband’s legitimate sexual wants, then based on obligatory precaution he is not exempted from providing her with her maintenance. As for her dowry, if she does not perform her duties, he is in no way
exempted [from owing her it].
Ruling 2432. A man has no right to compel his wife to do housework.
Ruling 2434. If a wife’s living expenses are to be borne by her husband but he does not pay them, she can take her living expenses from his property without his consent. If this is not
possible, in the event that she cannot complain to a fully qualified jurist about this and has no option but to work in order to meet her living expenses, then while she is working to meet her living expenses it is not obligatory on her to obey her husband [in those matters that are normally obligatory on her to obey him].
May you always be successful