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Rights of girl in her marriage


I was getting married to a boy in 2020 and I had asked for bari which includes ‘lehenga’ ONLY (No jewelry or designer thing) just a wedding dress. And I did not ask for anything else apart from clothes because it was my desire to look good on the wedding day which was termed as demand by the family of the boy

But the mother of the boy said that I am demanding and I am not a nice girl and started accusing and called me materialistic just because I asked for wedding clothes.
And they called off the marriage.

After 3 years
Again I am in contact with the same boy and we want to get married, but the mother of the boy is again giving me the title of materialistic and meanwhile getting proposals of rich girls for her son (I belong from a very humble background) she is even ready for a Sunni girl because she is very wealthy.

According to Islam and Allah does a girl has a right to ask for her wedding clothes?


Wa alaykum salam

Thank you for your question .

In our Islamic teachings, clear cut rules have not been defined for the wedding customs and norms prevalent in our societies.

Most of these customs and formalities differ according to the culture and environment of that society.

In Islam, there is no restriction on these ceremonies as long as they do not cross the limits and boundaries of Islam.

Regarding the question you asked,  If your culture allows you to ask for a wedding dress from the groom’s family, Islam does not disallow this as long as it is done within Islamic boundaries .

But as your well-wisher,I would suggest that you should think again before taking a final step. It seems that your families are very different from each other and this can cause conflicts in future.

Sukaina Taqavi