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Rights of children on their own life


i have always heard about what rights parents have on their children. Are not there any right of children? can not a child decide a place where he/she wants to live? where he/she wants to study? what he/she want to study? And if parents do not agree with his/her decision that is ok but if a child does not agree that is nafarmani.?
just because they have given us birth so it means they have every right on us to beat us with sticks shoes or what ever they like even hitting us so hard that they leave us bruised or bleeding?


Wa-Alaykum As Salaam

On the contrary, children have many rights and Islam has made them very clear to us what their rights are.

However, a child being a child does not know what is best for themselves so the parents need to take that responsibility until they come of age, where they can then make their own choices.

Parents have no rights to beat any child including their own. And to do so, a hefty material and financial punishment is payable to the child and the parent is indebted to that child until the debt is paid even if after many years have passed. The punishment depends on the severity of the bruise or injury caused.

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S.L. Al-Hakim