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Revocation of Hibba


Sir its a question about property Hibba, before I ask a question, a little background:
My mother are only two sisters, no brother and mother is dead only the father (my grandfather) is alive and 4 male cousins from paternal uncle.
about 6 or so years ago, my grandfather had somehow in mind that after his death, property will be a cause of dispute among the family of my mother, aunt and their cousins. So he asked for counsel from some scholar and after his satisfaction at that time he offered hibba excluding 1/3rd of the property to my mother and aunt which was accepted and declared legally and the possession was also transferred then.
Now the distribution is as: 3 equal parts of the property, one in my mother’s name, 1 in aunt’s name and 1 part still in his name.
now after so many years, my grandfather who is in his 90s feels regret about hibba and asks for Allah’s forgiveness that he has done a great sin of doing hibba like he was forced then to do so whereas he was never forced and he did it with his own wish after counsel and taking fatwa and went through all the legal process. he now thinks that he did injustice with his nephews and blames my mother, aunt and their husbands. So is he right in this because my mother is really worried and cries seeing his condition of regretting and cursing her. She even offered him to give hibba back to which he says it is a long legal process and may not have the strength or life to see through (not showing great interest).
So what shariah says in this?
moreover, from past few years he has tendency to be on one side (his daughters, his nephews) completely cursing and blaming for his troubles (maybe due to age factor). when he was angry with his nephews he did hibba now he is angry at his daughters and thinks hibba was a mistake, if somehow hibba is revoked he may get angry again at his nephews and thinks revoking hibba was a mistake. So mainly is my mother committing sin or my grandfather is because he is not happy and thinks hibba was a mistake.
Jazak Allah


In the Name of Allah, the All-Beneficent, the All-Merciful.
Wa-Alaykum Assalam Wa Rahmtu-Allah,

A gift can not be asked for its return if it is given with the intention of giving it seeking proximity to Allah SWT, or if gifted to kin, or it is no longer in existence (eg if a cake is gifted and it is eaten.). Otherwise a gifter can request the gift to be returned. See question 15 (Arabic).

Given that the gifts were, as you have described, given with the intention of a gift and not by force (according to this account), then the gift is in place, and as it is gifted to his own gift he can not ask for their return. If he is being offered that the gift is returned to please him and he is refusing then it is rather a difficult situation!

In life mistakes happen, and regret may set in, and as you stated, age may be a factor. Your best efforts should go into trying to please him in any way possible and ensuring that he is always treated with respect… the rest is with Allah inshallah!

S.L. Al-Hakim