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Qur’an Revision


Assalam Alikum. My name is Ibrahim, I’m a Hafiz ul Quran. It was my parents wish at my early age of 14-16 they wanted me to become a Hafiz. But at that time I had no interest in religion. As I mentioned, It was an early age so what I really wanted to become was a singer or actor but knowing my parents wish, I did Hifz Quran. As I mentioned, I was never interested. My parents used kept asking me when is my hifz completing, so just to end it and to start my Regular studies, I used to learn 2 pages per day not caring about the rest That i’ve learned. So My Hifz was completed and my regular studies were studies. At some points I used to think about that should I do the revision, i tried for some time during my studies but it became very difficult to handle 2 things at a time. So I left it. Now, I’m 21 and whenever I recite Quran Majeed, I sort of have fluency but i have no idea what’s coming next. In short, I think I have forgotten Quran. I’m really scared and frightened about the punishments in the hereafter and on the day of judgment. I keep asking Allah SWT for the mercy and forgiveness and that to put interest in me to open, read and learn Quran again. I just gave my intermediate papers, and i’m free for about 1.5-2 months. Please, I want you to guide me on how can I start my revision and learn it by heart. Even if I have to wait for next 3 months, I’ll delay my University studies. Just guide me how can I start revision and from where and in how much time I can become a proper Hafiz again?
Jazak Allah Khair.


Salaamun alaykum. Its so nice to hear that you had the tawfiq to memorise the quran and now you want to continue and become a proper hafiz. Not everyone gets this tawfiq; you should be thankful.

Zahra Davdani.

There are many ahadith from our Prophet and Imams which emphasize on the importance of reciting and memorising quran and more important understanding and pondering on what we are reciting.
The ahaadith even talk about the endless thawaab that a qaari and a haafiz get from reciting the quran.
One of the other blessings that Allah showers on a qaari and a haafiz is that He guides them through the quran.
So one of the most important things to keep in mind if you want tobecome a proper haafiz is first you have to have a strong will power because during memorising the quran, one also has to make sure he continously repeats the ayas and suras he has memorised previously; otherwise the previously memorised suras will be forgotten.
The time memorising quran takes, depends on the individual amd how much he can memorise a day and repeat and go through the previous suras. And even after memorising the whole quran, one still has to always repeat continously otherwise it will all be forgotten.
The advise that is given is to normally take your time in memorising so that you can ponder over the ayas as well as that will bring more barakah in this life and in the hereafter. So in your case you can memorise gradually amd start your studies alongside. And reciting and memorising amd understanding the quran will definetly have a positive impact on your studies. Wish you all the best inshaAllah.