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Revert wanting to get married


Assalamu Alaikum.

I’m a revert to Islam. It’s been a year and a half Alhamdulillah. I’m currently pursuing my Masters and I have one more year left to complete my course. I come from a very conservative Syrian Christian family and they would oppose in every way possible when they find out that I’ve reverted. Throughout the time that I’ve been a Muslim, it was my friend who helped me through. It was through him that I got the courage to finally take the step towards Islam. He’s also studying right now. But we’d like to get married now as we love each other. My parents would oppose because he’s a Muslim and his parents would because he’s still studying. We don’t want to wait and lead out relationship into sin.  We both are 23 years old.

Hence can we get married to each other and keep it a secret from both families until we both have jobs? It’s the safest way for my security (in case my parents forcibly take me home and try to convert me to Christianity) as well as to protect our deen. Is this possible?


Waalykum salam.
Thank you for your Question

Welcome to islam sister. May Allah bring allot of barakah your way.

According to Islamic laws, a Muslim girl (virgin) cannot get married without the consent of her father or paternal grandfather. If a Nikah is recited, it will be void.

Your best bet is to either keep away until you are ready to marry or speak to your parents and get your Nikah recited to become Mahram

InshaAllah all goes well
On a Side note, it will be a shame to end your blessing (the man who guided you) to a Haram and unpleasant experience.

Allah Karim
Make plenty of dua