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Revelation of the Holy Quran


In an answer to a previous posted question, you have clarified the two formats of revelation very clearly. But I am not very clear what is meant by
“Qur’anic values and principles were revealed on the heart of the prophet”. Does it mean that from that moment on Rasulillah s.w. knew the entire Quran, could he/did he recite the Quran from his heart ( Like we learn Surahs by heart) to himself, but made public pronouncement of the ayats only when Jibrael brought forth the ayats?


Salamun Alaikum

Thank you for your question.

As you have mentioned in your question, the Quran was revealed to the Holy Prophet (peace be on him and his household) in two forms: gradually over the course of 23 years (known in Arabic as nuzul at-tadrijie) and all at once on the night of Qadr (known as nuzul al-daf’ie).

In Tafsir al-Mizan, Allamah Tabatabaie explains this. He states that verses such as al-Baqarah: 185; al-Qadr: 1 and ad-Dukhan: 2, indicate that the reality of the Quran before it was given the form of words, was revealed unto the heart of the Holy Prophet on the night of Qadr. This reality was not such that normal people could understand, it was not readable or in the Arabic language.

However, this reality was then made readable and took on the form of words in Arabic and was revealed in different circumstances to the Holy Prophet over 23 years. And it is due to the revelation of that reality on the night of Qadr that when the verses were being revealed in the form of words to him during these 23 years that the Holy Prophet knew which verse was being revealed to him as we can understand from the verses of the Quran – which show that before the revelation was complete, he would recite the verse.*

[*Tafsir al-Mizan, Persian translation, vol. 2, pp. 22-24.]

I hope this answers your question.
A. Rashed