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Stolen money in charity


Assalamo alaikum
I stole some money from my work place and the owner filed FIR in police but due to lack of evidence the case i want to repent and give the money back but there is no one who knows about it and i cant send money through anyone as I expect that she might reopen the police case.can i give it in charity on her behalf?


Wa alaikum Salaam,

Lost and found money / property can be given in charity on behalf of an unknown owner if they are not found, but only after exhausting all efforts and means to try locate them, like announcing within the vicinity of where it is found for instance, or by referring to the lost and found section if applicable. In your case, the owner is known, and the money was stolen. It is wajib to return it back to them. Since you intend to repent, and would like to make amends, and if you were to approach them it might cause you harm, in this case, you should find a way to return it to them in a suitable way, that would not put you in a more difficult position.

Allah SWT Knows best.
With salams and duas
Afzal Merali