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Grandmother has given me a ring she stole from her daughter in law



My maternal grandmother gave me a ring as a present for my wedding, which was really nice. However, later I came to realise that this ring in-fact belonged to my uncles wife who is the daughter in law of my grandmother.

It turns out my grandmother also gifted this ring to her daughter in law when she got married to her son. However they had issues in the time after. One day my aunty must have left the ring somewhere while cleaning up and my grandmother must have stolen/taken it back from her.

I would imagine my aunty must have been distraught when she wasn’t able to find it. fast forward some years later, my grandmother has gifted this ring to me.

I think my grandmother feels because she gave her daughter in law the ring, it meant she could also take it back whenever she wanted. I feel she uses this as her justification as she is also a pious woman.

I am really stuck as in what I should do. Ideally I would like to give this ring back to my aunty. But it’s such a huge issue that I think it would break my family apart, and I would get blamed for it.

I can’t give it back to my grandmother as she would see this as a sign of disrespect because young people should always accept what the elders give them.

My mother knows this and is also really annoyed at he mother for this. But she can’t say anything as my grandmother is quite elderly now. ultimately this is a really stressful situation.

I don’t know what to do. Should I pawn off the ring and give the money as sadaqa in my auntys name? Should I just throw the ring away in a river?

This is a really heavy burden which I really need help with. The right thing would be to give the ring back to either my grandmother or my aunty but that would have major repercussions for my family with me being at the centre of it all.

I would be extremely grateful for your reply and advice

I have given my husbands email as I would like to remain anonymous


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question.
Glad to know you have such an awake conscious!

So yes, the ring belongs to your aunt and you can’t do anything to it without her consent!
Is there no way to return to her without your Grand mother knowing?

Or maybe just as a friendly conversation you can ask you Nani about the ring and mention that I remember a particular aunty having just one like it. If she buys the talk and concludes its the same one! gradually tell her that it still belongs to her and it would be great to hand it over to her.

Tell her you could do the job for her. If you don’t find yourself at that level, ask someone who she would listen to and send the message across.

Hope it gets resolved,
Kind regards
Naajiya Jaffery