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Women’s Responsibilities


Salamun alaykum,

We see women as an oppressed being in the society in such that many people voilate the rights of women by saying they donot have same status as men have.This makes most of the woman to become the victim of inferiority complex and assume themselves as the creatures which are not as much beloved by Allah as men. So it is necessary to aware the women about their capabilities and responsibilities as their responsiblities are only confined to earning money just as men do.

Kindly enlist women responsibilities briefly so that we get clearification??



Salaam Alaykum.

The issue of women has been under attack for a long time. by no means a woman is considered as an inferior. its just the matter that we need to clear our heads from the slogans of some selfish people who use the women and her ability of multi-tasking fr their purpose and gains and be able to realise her worth according to ISLAM.

The duties that God has given to women is the work of taking care of the house, the family and basically keeping herself stress free. women have been created in a way that they can take care of the household, and the family, keep the house beautiful etc… and yet be stressfree. it is when she goes out and work in order to prove that she is as worthy as the men that’s when she becomes stressful because her work is now doubled (she has to prove her worth in the male dominated society and when she comes home she feels duty bound to feed the family and keep the house clean as well; thus
her work load doubles).
The women normally reflect the Jamali Attributes of God and the men reflect the Jalali Attributes of God. so women need to keep their false ego aside and accept the duties that islam has kept for them.

The riwayah says that once imam Ali (a) and lady Fatema (a) were seated and the Holy Prophet (s) came by. they asked him to appoint duties for them. the Holy Prophet (s) said that the outside the house duties should be done by Imam Ali (a) and the inside the house duties should be done by Lady Fatema(A) and this brought a big smile on her face.

note – there are times when a woman has to go out to earn money ; that is OK, but she has to take care to keep her stress level in check.