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Respect of Mother in Islam


My mother had an affair with a non muslim and is still seeing him after being divorced from my father. My younger sister has cut all ties with her due to the neglect and lies. We have had many conversations with her. Tried to make her understand what she is doing is wrong. However she is not willing to make any changes. I am in abit of an akward position as in islam i know the rank of a mother however her ideas are not islamic at all. She is willing to cut ties with the family for him and continue to ‘see’ him.
Please can you shed some light on this matter.


Alaykum salaam

Thank you for your question. A mother is to be respected in Islam in the sense that you should maintain a sense of politeness and not allow her to starve or be without shelter. That doesn’t mean that you have to condone her actions especially when they are against the laws of God and His pleasure.

May you always be successful.

Zoheir Ali.