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Request clear hadeeth from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that verse 8:41 on Khums apples is applicable on personal income.


Request at least one sahih hadeeth that Prophet Muhammad advised khums to be collected on personal we have for Zakat (sunni or shia sources)
I have heard some indirect ones which do not help me understand this topic.

Thank you,


Asalam Alaykum… the issue of fiqh is not as simple as requesting a “single sahih hadeeth”… the issues are much more complex and requires serious effort in understanding the text of the Holy Quran and narrations.

As you know at the time of the Prophet for the first ten years he was in Mecca before migrating to Medina… and much time was spent on wars.  So in those 23 years not all rulings were expanded upon as clearly as they did in the 250 odd years thereafter by the Imams that followed the Prophet, SAWA.  Some of these includes khums.

Never the less, the following link may help with the understanding of the word Ghanma in the first placed and if indeed it was restricted only to spoils o fwar like some claim.

Thank you.

S.L. Al-Hakim