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Repenting/Compensating For Fasts & Prayers


*For One who had not performed many daily prayers and if performed, not with awareness of Lord till the age of 20.Now what should do to repent?

*A person who had broken some fasts intentionally and other fasts wihout having firm belief till the age of 20 due to not having a firm belief in Lord and not proper guidance from parents as person seems all islamic teachings just a culture.Now What should a person do if he want to repent at age of 21 and start a right path?

* Is it permissible for a woman to perfume herself every time with rose attar in a quanity that only she herself can smell and her soul feels pleasant and to increase spirituality?

*how can a person remove the wrong pictures which he had seen intentionally or unintentionally from internet?


1) He should make up his missed SALAATs and Fasting missed from the age he
reached the puberty, if he can’t figure out exact year of the puberty,
then he should count his years from the age of 15 if boy and 10 if girl..

2) All the missed SALAAT and FAST since reaching the age of puberty must be
made up.
As for the penalty, it is only going to be for the those fast which were
missed intentionally , knowingly, deliberately, after having the knowledge
of FAST being and obligation in Islam. But if he did not know about the
obligation that fasting is a obligation, then makeup without penalty is

Please don’t freak out 🙂 , u can make up and pay the penalty on ease of
your time, like for example every
day one salaat or one day salaat, and
make a worksheet so that u can tick the ones u r done with for your record.
and so on.


4) For this you will have to go to someone professional, and delete the
inetrnet files or cookies, I m not sure, but a Hitech IT guy will be more
helpful in such matter.

Safdar Razi Master