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repented for Adultery but worried about future


I am 20 years old girl…i did Zina at an early age..i repented and ask almighty for forgiveness every .. But when think about my future… I just went into depression.. I want to tell that person who is going to be my husband because there are so many rumours and i know if don’t tell him someone will tell him.. I want advice what should I do?

Salam Alaykum,
You shouldn’t disclose your past on him if you seriously regret what you did.
It will only add fuel to the fire. If you are  sure that he wont know the truth from somewhere else if you don’t tell him, then don’t ever tell him about your past. If Allah has kept your secret uptil now then have faith in HIM that Almighty will keep your secret undisclosed forever.
Know that if you have sincerely repented and also amended for your wrong doing, then Allah will not only wipe.your sins, but He will also reward you.  Pray to the Almighty to make your marriage happen in such a way that no one can spoil it along the way.
If however, you’re certain that some people know for sure and are going to spread your past actions, then before marriage you can tell him briefly if he asks you without going into details.  Assure him that you want to enter into this sacred pact of marriage for the sake of Allah and to create peace and harmony for him in future.  InshAllah if he is a faithful person, he will accept you against the odds and Allah will help you in every way to make it happen for your best.  Ameen.
Salma Alavi.