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repentance for zina done in past


Assamlu Alikum, Somebody has told me asked me a question but I didn’t know how to answer it I need to help this brother. The brother said that he committed zina with his cousin when they were very young. He wasn’t praying regularly and committed other major sins like backbiting, etc. He repented for all of these but then committed zina again with another person whom he was meant to get married to. The marriage never went ahead due to financial issues and he felt overwhelmed and left her. He did this twice (once because the family found out about the zina and the other was due to financial issues). He then repented for it and shortly after his original sin came back at him and his cousin told the police. An investigation was done and he begged Allah to turn it away from him and for it not to go to court because he knew he didn’t do rape but did only the act of zina. He then told me he lied to hide his sins and pleaded innocent and the case was dropped and his extended family I.e. his uncles and Aunties and other relatives have cut ties with him. He got anger and upset and didn’t want to speak to them too. Alhamdulillah now he is praying, reading the Quran, giving to charity and really trying his best to attain Allah’s forgiveness. I didn’t know how to answer him because if Allah willed his sins could of been concealed like the others. Now he feels it’s impossible to attain jannah without entering hellfire. He feels like he can’t obtain forgiveness from his family and reunite with them and that Allah will punish him for this also for allowing the ties to be cut. He also fills that the many on and off situation he has had with both fasting in Ramadan and Salah. That Jannah is too far away for him without facing some sort of punishment. However, he fear the hellfire very much and I could see that. To the extent that any time he talks about it he trembles and can’t stand. Please help brother my friend is going through depression and anxiety and I don’t want to tell him something that is wrong. Which is why I am asking more knowledgeable people.


Waalaykum Salaam,

Thank you for your question. Allah accepts sincere repentance and heaven is not too far for someone who reforms themselves after sinning. He should never repeat these acts and he should put his hope in God and not feel depressed. For the acts of worship that he has missed he has to make them up. He should try to make amends with the people in his family that he can as for some family members it may take them a while.
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