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Repentance And Masturbation


Assalamu alaikum. With the name of ALLAH who is the most beneficent and merciful. I want to ask you that in 2015 I committed Tauba and I said to myself that I will never mastabate. But in 2017, while I was cleaning myself in washroom, the white fluid came out. I committed Tauba again. But this year I watched a movie in which some scenes were not good. I did’t touched myself but that white fluid came out itself. I apologized to ALLAH again. Today the same thing happened. What should I do now??


Salaam Alaykum,

Thank you for your question.
It is unclear when you say the fluid was white, do you mean white colour or colour-less fluid?!
If the fluid(s) as you mentioned was discharged on its own then there is nothing upon you as in it wont be counted as a sin. (I find it wise to mention that watching such off-scenes is not permissible and a Muslim should keep away from them) however if it the liquid was a white discharge then you must perform Ghusl.

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