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Removing Pictures From Mind & Soul


Salam, how a person will be able to remove all the bad pictures or images that he had seen in movies and internet intentionally?what should be the criteria or actions which saves him from wrong thinking after true Repentence.?

Kindly help



Wa Alaykum Salaam.

Thank you for your question.

The best way to get rid of unwanted images and thoughts is to ignore them as if they did not even come across the mind. It is satan bothering the people that want to clean themselves. There are some images which will be cured simply like that. The images that a person knows are wrong but secretly loves to cherish and remember are cured with knowledge. That is the knowledge that there is a very different reality to the image. So for example if someone enjoyed the image of certain actors/actresses then it is to see behind their outward and to know that the only real beauty is Allah and Ahl al-Bayt (as). This is not a knowledge that is just attained by the words but a realisation and a maturity that may take some time to arrive at or may be understood more quickly depending on the person. With issues like this it is important to be patient and continue ignoring the images and words. With the passage of time the human naturally forgets images that he no longer needs or identifies with. Know also that every level the human passes there are some things in the mind that they need to overcome. That is why some may translate the qalb (usually translated as the heart) as the mind. Therefore purifying the qalb is to purify the mind and this is a big part of jihad al-nafs. The rule of ignoring what you know is not right but passes through your mind will help you in all of these levels.

As to what to do after repentance it is that the repentance must have changed your actions. That is avoid looking at those things that cause bad images whether that be the tv or those internet sites. Take care of your 5 senses as they are the doors to your mind and seek knowledge about how to purify yourself until you learn its rules and ways. Purification is a way of life, not something that can be done only at certain times and not at others. So it is to always be cleaning and not to dismay or give up if an image passes your mind but to carry on until Allah opens for you what He may.
Zoheir Ali