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Remarriage after talaq


Assalam alaikum…my sister got married to a boy who converted to Islam to get married to her but never followed the religion.she had not informed about this marriage to her her parents got her married with some other boy who gave her talaaq in a month…she then asked the boy who had converted to Islam to give her talaaq he gave it on the phone..can she get married to someone now

Wa alaykum salam
According to Ayatullah sistani if an unmarried woman wants to get married and she is not independent i.e  she is dependant on others in making decisions and  other chores of her life,it is obligatory on her to seek the consent of her father or grandfather.Rather,even if she is independent,she must seek their consent,as a matter of compulsary precaution unless if her father or granfather have given her the permission to get married to whoever she wants.Therefore,if your sister is amongst those who is dependant on others,then the nikah she did without informing became batil automatically.There is no need of talaaq.
But if she is independent,she has to refer to another marja who is the best after Ayatullah Sistani.if that marja allows nikah without the consent of father and grandfather,then her first nikah was valid and divorce is needed.Divorce has conditions.Refer to: