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relative who is ill and on ventilator


I have a close relative who is severely ill and on the ventilator for the last 10 days. They are experiencing trouble on multiple levels for e.g blood pressure, sugar, kidneys, gangrene on the left foot because of which the blood infection levels are too high. The foot can’t be operated on because she’s unstable and no medicine is helping in curing the situation. It is an agony to see them like this and despite the fact that we repeatedly ask doctors if she’s is in any pain or not, they respond by saying that she’s been given enough pain killers.

What I wish to ask is, that since her situation is not improving. Are we doing something wrong by keep them on the ventilator. Is it our decision as family to either keep them on. Is it even our decision in the first place or should these things be left to GOD and he is the giver of life and death.

Plz guide


In the Name of Allah, the All-Beneficent, the All-Merciful.
Wa-Alaykum Assalam Wa Rahmtu-Allah,

Please see the following complete reply from Sheikh Mansor Leghaei.
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S.L. Al-Hakim