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Relationship with Apatheist Girl


aslamoalikum. I had a time of poor faith where me and an apatheist girl fell in love. I did not think the circumstances of our meeting or our association with each other was able to cause love so I was not ready for it. I always asked her to convert to Islam and she always responded that she will “try” when we marry. I was very afraid she would decide she does not like it and after we married go back to apatheism. I had told her that I want to marry a very righteous Muslim woman and do not want to commit or be tempted by haram by staying with her so I cut contact. To recover from this I read the Quran made prayer and Allah made it very easy for me. But, a week after I did this she asked me for a chat and I saw that she is not the same person her life is ruined in her eyes. I feel very guilty and don’t know what to do. What are our options


Waalaykum Salam.

An Apatheist is a kafir and you cannot marry her according to the Islamic law.
It’s quiet vivid why she is so messed up after you stopped associating with her while you are not. Anyone who is associated to Allah (azj) and His path should and would  be as strong as you stand today.
Also I find it wise to mention that she should be introduced to Islam for her tranquility and prosperity and not for you! In that case her acceptance of Islam won’t have much meaning to it.
​Please don’t feel guilty about this. It isn’t because of you; It’s the denial of the Natural instinct that her creator has blessed her with and she is determined to turn her heels on it.

Kind regards