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Sexual Relationship between Husband and Wife



I wanted to ask some questions. I am newly wedd and please don’t think its rubbish talk or thought these are genuine questions am confused with.

Question 1: As husband am I allowed to see all the private parts (under the legs) of my wife & can touch them? Some people says its not allowed to SEE her vigina as its Gunnah although she is in my Nikkah and my Wife.

Question 2: Its regarding Oral sex I don’t want to explain in what type of society we live you may realise about England/Europe. Can a wife take her husbands private part in her mouth (its seems bit odd question but I want to clear is it allowed in deen). I have confusion regarding these.

Can you please answer these in the light of Deen. I shall be really thankful

JazakALLAH Shoaib


Alaykum Salaam

Thank you for your question. Please find answers below:

1. He can see and touch. No sin involved.
2. Permissible, short of swallowing semen.