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Regarding a Movie Shaming Islamic Beliefs


A muslim actress Nazneen Patni, who has played the role of a daughter in law has depicted herself naked having halala with her father in law, after her divorce (triple talaq) by her husband in a forthcoming movie in India. This movie shows the depravity of Islam and Islamic fiqh which is putting Islam to ridicule in the society. Please guide us whether:- 1. There should be a social boycott of Nazneen Patni, the actress and the actor who played the role of father in law in the movie? 2. Whether there should be a Ban on this movie ? 3. Whether Muslims should watch this movie? 4. Is this movie worth watching? 5. Whether this movie should be boycotted by the muslims?


Salaam Alaykum,

The actions you describe are indeed sad to hear. Of course Muslims should not watch such movies; as for boycotting and banning, if it has broken the law, then I am sure the authorities will enforce that.

The Muslims should write and make representations to the authorities and the actress involved about their disapproval of this kind of portrayal.

Islam is not damaged by this, and there is no depravity in Islam or in Islamic Fiqh. Those who would like to misrepresent it to others should be exposed through legal channels.


Abbas Jaffer