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Sile rahem


Aslam alaikum

I am married. My cousin brother wants to meet me along with his wife. But in my heart I just don’t feel like meeting them because:

1. They are hasid (jealous) 2. They make fun of me 3. They need favour from me 4. I’m too busy with parenting Is it ok if I don’t meet them? Will Allah be upset with me.


Waalaykum Salam.

According to the Islamic laws ( Sayyid Sistani’s office), it is not wajib to meet them, silerahem can be done by praying for him and knowing of his wellbeing even if through another mean. Like his sister or parents who is your uncle/Aunt.

But from an Akhlaqy perspective, perhaps you can meet them briefly as a courtesy because keeping family relationships, even when difficult, is recommended by the religion.

Kind Regards,

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