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Commited many sins


Hey there,

Over the last couple of years I committed many sins like persistence Zina, Alcohol, and a jinn fell in love with me. This jinn used my weaknesses to make me transgress myself. I believe the jinn was sent from my father. My father keeps trying to take me away from my mother. Both are divorced and there is an extreme amount of negativity in the household. All of my siblings are just trying to avoid the issues by escape methods and also committing sins such as zina and alcohol and things of that sort. How can I fix this situation. I try to bring my mother towards islam but she is not nudging. She speaks of people’s sins outwardly and causes more exposure in the household. I am afraid that this is going to go towards a really scare route such as jail… etc.


Wa alaykum salam

Allah has created Insaan as ashraful makhluqaat _ the best of the creatures.
That means if a person strengthens himself spiritually and makes his imaan strong, nobody from the jinn and man can influence him and take him under their control.

The first thing you have to do is change yourself. Instead of worrying about others, try and strengthen yourself spiritually by abiding to Allah’s rules.
Do what Allah has ordered you to do and refrain from the haram.
When people around you will see the changes in you and how much it has effected your life towards the better, they might decide to change their lifestyle.
And after that, when you speak as a practical muslim and try to change others, your words will be more effective.
Don’t forget the role of prayers, duaa and tawba in our lives.It is impossible to move ahead without the help of Allah swt.
May Allah help you to achieve the best in both the worlds.

Sukaina Taqawi