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Reconnecting With Allah


How can I reconnect with Allah? Born in a muslim family, but my family was not at all religious and I was not either. I made a person I loved my everything, Some say I made me him God. After being with him 6 years, he has completely changed and this is either magic or I like to believe that Allah took him away from me because he wants me to think of him. Please tell me how can I reconnect with Allah. After he left me, I started to pray but only for selfish reasons like wanting to get him back. But now I have lost all hope I know for sure he will never come back. Now, I ask myself why am i praying? only because its Farz but I dont feel anything theres no connection.


Thank you for your question. What you have said is right. Sometimes we
need to loose what we love most in order to see what is beyond that. All
human beings are innately connected to God as He mixed that connection
into the fibre of our very existence. However the human creates barriers
that prevent his cognisance of this connection and these barriers cause
forgetfulness of God. Whatever the cause of that forgetfulness, be it
another person, the material life or anything else, when the human forgets
God he forgets himself and this is what we mean by feeling a lack of
connection. So in order to rebuild that connection a person must work on
it in the same way that we
build relationships that we have neglected. It
is not something that is immediate but at the same time God’s Mercy is
such that you will find that you can on some occasions immediately connect
to God by speaking to Him sincerely in any language. To move on from there
to always feel that connection a person has to take the path of love and
self awareness which is through seeking knowledge and practicing what they
know. That is the path that the Prophet (saw) and the Ahl al-Bayt (as)
have taught us. By this the light of the humans natural disposition grows
until it overcomes their forgetfulness and they are always cognisant of

May you always be successful and may Allah guide you to the blissful life
of His lovers.

Zoheir Esmail