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Reciting surah kahf while on periods


I want to ask tht i recite surah kahf every friday . Reciting this surah gives me a satisfaction tht i ll be far from all grief and sorrows till next friday. it is my result of exams coming this week which is very importnt for me but i got periods due to which i couldnt recite surah kahf . Now im really scared that may be i will not be sucesfull thats why im unable to recite this week . What should i do? Should i recite it when i get pure ? Jazak Allah for ur help


Salaamun alaykum

Thank you for your email.

There is no problem in reciting quran whilst being in your periods, the only verses that a woman in her periods cannot recite are the ones which sajda become wajib upon reciting them. There are 4 verses which have wajib sajda: Sura alaq(lastverse), sura najm (lastverse), sura sajda (verse 15) and sura ha mim (verse 38).

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